About Dana

I’m a full-stack marketer who connects people to brands across platforms with consistently positive KPIs. I create editorial voices for businesses and build scalable strategies with a focus on honest content, brand development, traffic acquisition, partnerships, media exposure and engagement. From mission statements to ground-up brand identity construction, expression, management, and activation, I put 15 years of experience to work to create indelible changes in the perception and characterization of brands.

My unique prowess for breathing personality into both internal and external communications has been sought by some of the biggest, most cutting-edge and most respected businesses in America including tech giant AOL, retail innovators The Science Project, media masterminds Full Picture PR, digital commerce giant Liberty Interactive, and more.

Beginning as an online product description writer in 2000, I have spent more than 15 years developing real brand voices through copy while matching them with their ultimate audiences. My social media campaigns have won accolades and were featured in “Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business”. My traditional media strategies and campaigns were also featured in a course on public relations in the Wharton School of Business M.B.A. program. During my seven year tenure at Gifts.com (owned by both IAC and Liberty Media), they were nominated for three Webby Awards, won a People’s Choice Webby and earned two honorable mentions.

I keep my editorial writing style sharp with regular blog contributions to The Huffington Post, and other publications, as well as by running my own blog for edgy urban moms, Metro Mom Club. I have been interviewed for my lifestyle expertise by The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Chicago Tribune, Time Out, The Los Angeles Times, The NY Daily News, Martha Stewart Magazine, Working Mother, Good Day New York, Fox & Friends, TODAY in NY, to name just a few.

I relax by spending time with my husband and two young sons, studying French, traveling the world, visiting friends and family, shopping, cooking elaborate meals for friends, and by listening to the wind in trees.

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