Elfster is an online secret Santa generator that has created millions of secret Santa exchanges since its launch in 2000.

As Merchandising/PR/UX consultant, I was tasked with reimagining the secret Santa service to stretch authority into the gift recommendation and wishing space. This was a two-pronged initiative designed to influence users (new and existing) as well as media perception.

Services Included:

Leverage our UX design expert to liaise with internal Marketing team and redesign the “Shop” section of Elfster.com to look more appealing, up to date, and provide a more organic gift shopping and wishing interface.

Consult with the Merchandising Manager to audit available data and restructure the merchandising strategy to make the most efficient use of time and drive the highest increase in clicks, revenue and aesthetic value.

Provide basic PR services including regular media blasts, paid promotion strategy, TV placements and influencer strategy.

The goal was to increase revenue; which we successfully achieved and have seen 500% increase in clicks and revenue year over year with continued merchandising consulting.

Skills:  Affiliate commerce editorial, Brand expression, Content strategy, Copywriting, Editing, Merchandising, On-Air
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