Gift Advisor

Gift Advisor is an affiliate aggregation website that offers uniquely curated gift ideas. My task was to provide a constellation of content strategies intended to create a new brand, build brand authority, establish a brand voice, and drive site traffic and revenue.

Services included:

Strategic merchandising direction

Strategic brand development

Team hiring/allocation for merchandising, design, content, and social media

Project management/reporting

Budget management

Creative direction

100% remote team management – The staff, when at full capacity, included employees in 5 different states all working remotely in synchronicity.

Execution as-needed

Activations included:

UX redesign to highlight content and a more current shopping layout (2015/2016)

Brand renaming from uGiftideas to Gift Advisor (2015)

Brand voice establishment (2015)

3 Satellite Media Tours of approximately 20 live interviews each (2015/2016) – See On-Air portfolio

Merchandising of thousands of products from Amazon and other affiliate merchants (2016/2017/2018)

342 pieces of optimized site content such as page descriptions, blog posts, tips, and gift guides (2016-2018)

Market survey and related media outreach (2015)

Market research at NYNOW (2017/2018)

Social media establishment on Instagram and Pinterest with animated Gifs, other ViBE posts, influencer/hashtag strategies, contest (ended June 2017)

Notable Instagram Posts: 

Content Highlights:


Skills:  Affiliate commerce editorial, Brand expression, Content strategy, Copywriting, Editing, Merchandising, On-Air, Public relations, Social media
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